Mission & vision

Personalized bags with a vision

Producing personalized cotton and jute bags in a sustainable way. That is what TheCottonBag Company stands for.

That is exactly why we ensure continuous interaction between our headquarter in Belgium and our production departments in India. In this way we can take responsibility for the produced quality on the one hand and the production method on the other; with a focus on people and the planet.

Why India?

Our facilities in India, the land of cotton and jute, allow us to guarantee the sustainability of our production. By working closely with the local population and involving them in the decision-making and production processes, we strive for the best possible quality with attention to ethics in all its aspects.

But apart from the accessible production, there are many other reasons why TheCottonBag Company has chosen India:

Openness & respect

Ambitious people


Openness to different religions. The Hindu community is the largest in India and yet there is also room for other religions. There is a healthy mix of Christians, Muslims and non-believers, among others. Good cooperation is made possible by a great mutual tolerance.

The Indian population is a young, growing population with on the one hand many highly educated people and on the other hand people who are willing to follow  courses in order to be able to work and to build themselves a future.

Despite the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done on the infrastructure in India, there is major progress every year.

“By cooperating with the Indian population, TheCottonBag Company has the advantage of offering a quality guarantee. Our certificates are there to demonstrate quality and not - as is unfortunately the case with many companies- to use as a mask.”

Corporate social responsibility

Our own production process in India to guaranty ethical responsibility. That is how we take care of people and planet. Discover our CSR policy!