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As a leading manufacturer of cotton and jute bags, TheCottonbag Company provides far-reaching customizations in terms of material, print and finish. 

For years we have been producing promotional items which has given us a strong insight into the needs of our customers. Do you have any questions about our offer and product range? We are happy to provide you with an answer based on our expertise. 

Sustainability and efficiency is a great priority for TheCottonBag Company and since we produce in-house, we are always  able to guarantee the best possible quality of our product range. Our strongly personalized customizations are available on the European B2B-market and far beyond. 

In-house production in the cotton region in India

Certified materials

Ethically responsible

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Cotton Bag

The in-house production of our customized bags is divided over two branches. Both factories benefit from a unique location which guarantees the sustainability of our production processes.

TheCottonBag Company mainly works with organic and recycled cotton;

  • Exclusively natural resources 
  • No use of pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals.
  • Short chain which allows us to manage all aspects of production, including quality and sustainability. 
  • Ensure that farmers use crop rotation to avoid soil diseases.

Recycled / Bio

TheCottonBag Company is continuously focussing on optimizing the materials used. For many projects we already choose recycled or organic cotton. The advantages?

Benefits of organic cotton
Benefits of recycled cotton
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